Full Page Magazine Ad

full page add reflecting Candlebox's sold a million records, going platinum.

Warner Bros Records
Sire Records
Maverick Records

A funny story….
A woman (name and agency to remain unnamed) I knew, landed an opportunity to pitch ideas for a full page ad in Billboard  and asked if I would art direct. We came up with a stack of ideas, but I had a final one that I’d been working on my own. She insisted I absolutely not include any more ideas into our presentation. So, just before exiting her limo in front of Maverick Records, I snuck my final idea into the stack. We sat around the large glossy table in Freddy DeMann’s office (Freddy produced Modanna, etc…was then head of Maverick Records). The table was full of bowls of candy and paperwork, several execs and their assistants seated around. When my ad idea started making it’s way around the table, she started giving me dirty looks. I nervously ate the candy until it ran out.

When the idea came around to Freddy, he kept it in his hand. All the rest had been pretty harshly rejected and kept moving around the table. Because I’d been introduced as the art director, he asked me if this was my idea, and told me it was “a stroke of genius”. That’s always nice to hear from a millionaire Hollywood mogul. On my way out I shook his hand and said “thanks for all the candy, Freddy”. We got the job.

I finalized it on my own. It went to print a week later. I took the money and ran for my life. I think she went on to do many more ads for Warner Bros and Maverick. I was happy with my day job at the time (going surfing).