Why WordPress?

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WordPress is the best software platform to build a website with. It’s open source software that is free and allows for the use of many themes and plugins that are very affordable, if not free. In the past, web designers/programmers had to build websites from scratch using HTML. It would take a long time to develop and when complete, you would have to hire someone to make even the smallest change to your website. With a WordPress site, you will be able to log in, make changes, post blogs, upload images, etc. WordPress has dozens of benefits. I’ve listed a few below, along with some links to the WordPress.org site, for an overview.

  • 100% Customizable! – Any way you can dream up your website growing and expanding in the future, WordPress can make it happen. I’ve built membership sites, video blogging sites, eCommerce sites, large sites, small sites – all on the same platform. You can do anything with it.
  • Easy to Use! – You have FULL control over your own website with WordPress. You don’t have to hire someone to add content or make little changes – you can do it all if you want. All you need is some training which I provide completely.
  • Google Loves It! – Search engines react very well to WordPress sites, especially when certain “plugins” are added.With a normal HTML site, it can take 1-3 weeks for Google to index a page of your site in their search engine. With WordPress, a page can be indexed in a couple hours. You’ll get better and faster ranking which results in more traffic and exposure. That coupled with a great design and content strategy, you can convert leads into customers and a following.
  • Themes – You can think of a theme as a “template” from where to start customizing. Your site may end up “looking” nothing like the theme you chose, that’s the point! You will make any theme “your own”. But the right theme will give you a big head start when it comes to functionality. For example you may be looking for easy updating of specific content (such as a new listing for your real estate biz, or a daily special in your cafe). Themes are purchased through reputable 3rd party theme developers (ie Theme Forest). A good Theme usually runs around $50, and is usually the quickest and most cost effective way to get started. WordPress provides free themes which are also a great place start with the basics.
  • Plugins – You can think of a plugin as a mini-program created to enhance WordPress. There are thousands of plugins developed to serve nearly every purpose. Most are free, some charge to provide a license. Either way, like a theme, it’s a huge money and time saving component and a great reason to use wordpress.

By browsing around the WordPress.org site you will find all you need to know about why I choose to use WordPress. You’ll probably have some questions. That’s what I’m here for.

– ollie