Why YouTube?

Posted by on Mar 11, 2012 in Blog | No Comments

Having a great design that’s pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate is the foundation of any effective website. Beyond that, creating interesting and engaging content is where the focus should be. The internet is a visual experience, so images and video are the cornerstones of great content. (still reading?…)

Getting creative with video, publishing them on YouTube, and embedding those videos on your site is simple and sure to get your visitors enthused about who you are and what you do. Better yet, if they are entertained, they are more likely to forward the video to a friend or colleague to enjoy. These don’t have to be huge productions. It’s better to keep it short and sweet and to do it with frequency if possible.

YouTube is the #2 Search Engine on the web. With video rich content, you are more likely to be “found”. Search engines love websites with unique video content, so you’ll be rewarded with this boost to your SEO. To dazzle visitors, the videos should be unique, smart, funny, and clear.

OllieWorks offers a turn key solution to create cost effective, classic animation done in Flash. From brainstorming ideas, story-boards, design, animation and delivery. With animation, there are no limits on how one can tell their story. No matter what, it’s all about telling a good story.

As soon as I have time, I’ll definitely make a video about all of this, it would be soooo much better ;).